About Tri-County Window Tinting & Decorative Film Inc.

Window Film Installation Company in Farmingdale, New York

Our mission is to provide our customers with prompt, neat and courteous, quality window tinting installations. We further promise to give prompt attention to our customers AFTER the installation, should any un-foreseen problems develop. We are perfectly aware that a satisfied customer is the BEST form of endorsement. We believe it's just good business and life practice. Tri-County Window Tinting Inc. was started in 1986. Through outstanding customer service, hard work, and perseverance, we have become Long Islands Only Platinum Vista Window Film Installation Company from MONTAUK to MANHATTAN. As well as serving LONG ISLAND AND NEW YORK CITY we also service many clients in WESTCHESTER & LOWER CONNECTICUT. During these last 30 years, we have satisfied thousands of families who were experiencing FADING, HEAT, and GLARE by installing VISTA Window Tinting in their homes. Many of them found it almost impossible to sit in certain rooms of their homes because of the heat and glare. We have also REDUCED FADING in all of their homes.

Why Choose Window Tinting?

Do you want to open your window dressings and not have the damage from Heat and fading? Most people think that the window tint will be dark and obscure their view. But think again. Window Tinting has come a long way!

Technologically Advanced Window Tint

Today's technologically advanced window tinting reduce 99.9% of all UV light and over 50% of the excessive Heat, without being noticed.

    • Commercial

    Our Commercial customers also find many benefits such as: Reduced heat in East West and South exposures, reduced glare on computers and in work areas and reduced fading of their products in showroom windows. Customers have also increased the security and safety with our Security films.  These films deter the smash and grab robbery.

    • Residential

    We install Premium VISTA- Window Film extensively in residential homes all over Long Island and Manhattan.  We also serve parts of Connecticut and Westchester.
    Our clients are looking to REDUCE: UV Rays, Fading, Glare, Solar Heat build-up and Energy Costs.
    We also carry films that will increase privacy and security. And with the reduction of virtually the entire UV A, B & C Rays, there are also HEALTH BENEFITS. VISTA- Window Film is recommended by the American Skin Cancer Foundation.

    • Anti-Graffiti Film

    This product is used to protect glass.  Vandals often tag, mark, or scratch mirrors and glass in commercial buildings.  Having Anti-Graffiti film installed over the glass will prevent the replacement of expensive storefront windowpanes. 

    • Security / Safety Film

    Protect retail, commercial and residential buildings - any windowed structure - from the dangers of flying glass due to earthquake, windstorms, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft, and accidents. It's easy, with LLumar Magnum® safety and security film.